Our Code of Conduct is governed by the five community guidelines that everyone who is a part of the Rooster Teeth community follows. Everyone —employees, guests, visitors, fans, and community members — all follow the Community Guidelines listed below not only for events, but our website, apps and online platforms, social media channels, and in-person and online interactions:


  1. Don’t be a jerk.
  2. Do not attack, harass, threaten, or bully anyone.
  3. Comments or posts that violate our Terms of Use or Code of Conduct will be removed. Behavior that violates our Code of Conduct will be addressed by Moderators, Admins, or Event Staff, as appropriate. This policy shall be determined by Rooster Teeth in its sole discretion.
  4. Respect the Site Admins, Moderators, and Event Staff when the Terms of Use and these Community Guidelines are enforced. If you break the rules, we reserve the right to take action.
  5. Be respectful, be nice, be cool, and be kind to each other.

If you see these guidelines being broken, please email


Offensive, abusive, obscene, threatening, intimidating, harassing, derogatory comments about race, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, gender presentation, sexual orientation, age, body size, disability, appearance, religion, citizenship, or pregnancy.

As well as: stalking, doxxing, swatting, witch-hunting, intimidation, offensive verbal or written comments, physical assault and/or battery, harassing or non-consensual photography or recording, sustained disruption of panels, signings, and other events, bathroom policing, inappropriate physical contact, unwelcome physical attention, or hate symbols.

For a full list of prohibited actions, please refer to Section 14 of our Terms of Use.

While at events, please remember — COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENT. Keep your hands to yourself. If you would like to take a picture with or of another fan, always ask first and respect that person’s right to say no. If you engage with anyone in a disrespectful or inappropriate manner or do not adhere to our Code of Conduct listed here, we reserve the right to immediately remove you from the event or forum without refund and ban you from future Rooster Teeth activities, events or platforms.

We reserve the right to evaluate each incident on a case by case basis.


  • I feel like someone has broken the Code of Conduct?

    Don’t just let it happen. Tell us immediately. Our community managers are available via To file a formal complaint, please email us and provide detailed information about the situation along with your contact information so we can respond. Screenshots, transcripts, and more can only help your case so please be detailed when letting us know what the problem is.

  • Rooster Teeth has contacted me and told me my behavior violates the Code of Conduct?

    The Rooster Teeth notice gave the reason why you were contacted and you should stop the referenced behavior immediately. Further actions you take that violate the Code of Conduct mean Rooster Teeth will take increased action in response.

  • I experienced or saw offensive ONLINE behavior on a Rooster Teeth app or website?

    Please file a formal complaint by emailing, providing detailed information about the situation along with your contact information. If the harassment occurred on another forum (e.g. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) please contact that forum to report concerns.

  • I experienced or saw offensive behavior AT A REAL LIFE EVENT?

    If you feel unsafe in your immediate location, alert the nearest Staff member (wearing an RTX Staff Badge) or notify the registration desk and move to a safe location. If this is not possible, please go to the Security Booth or call the police. If you are safe in your current location and please report by sending an email to, providing detailed information about the situation including the event you are attending along with your contact information.