Theater Mode Live


Friday, July 1, 9:00PM CT, Blue Starlite Downtown

Revel in the comedic stylings of Achievement Hunter as they joke and celebrate the pinnacle of cinema. In this episode, Alfredo Diaz, Michael Jones, Jack Pattillo, and more watch another groundbreaking film and use humor to try and mask the joy and reverence they feel for it. This exclusive Theater Mode Live is only available to RTX Badge holders.

This year, Theater Mode Live is heading to Blue Starlite Downtown, located at 300 San Antonio St. Join us for this unique rooftop viewing experience! No need to bring a car, we will have seats setup for a fun movie experience.

You’ll be able to pre-purchase your concessions before the event. Head to to fill out your order. Bring your receipt to the concessions booth to pick it up and enjoy!

*Ultra and Platinum Badge Holders, keep an eye on your email for an exclusive discount code!