Exhibitor Application Open

Exhibitor application for upcoming events is now open at RTX (RTX convention, Austin convention center, RTX autograph). We appreciate your interest in presenting at RTX. Please read the following critical information carefully before submitting a question.

Exhibitor applicants should read this

Please check our Exhibitor Application Guide for 2022 before applying! Following the directions and advice, we give with care might help your application stand out! If you have any concerns about the application of the guidance, please email us at exhibitor@rtxaustin.com and we’d be happy to assist you!

Entry Fee 

Please note that there is a $10 non-refundable fee to apply as an exhibitor at RTXevents. The payment of this fee does not guarantee admission to RTXevents. If accepted, the $10 charge will be added to the balance owed for your chosen spot.

Steps to take next while Applying

Visit the Exhibitors registration Page on RTX

If you are a returning Exhibitor

Entry Fee Please note that there is a  $10 non-refundable fee to apply as an exhibitor at RTXevents.

If you are a first-time Exhibitor

To create an account, go to the login screen and click “sign up.”

You may update your personal information here, view an interactive site map, and read the RTXevents 2022 Prospectus, Exhibitor Guidelines, and Exhibiting Terms and 

Selection of Exhibitor space

You can apply for one of two types of exhibitor spaces.

Exhibitor tablespaces are 8′ x 30″, cost $200, and include the following: 

  • One (1) exhibitor identification mark
  • One (1) 8’ black-draped table
  • Two (2) chairs
  • One (1) wastebasket
  • Two (2) exhibitor passes

Exhibitor Booth Spaces 

Exhibitor Booth Spaces are 10′ by 10′ and cost $375. They include:

  • 8’ black drapery for the back of the booth
  • 3’ black drapery for the side of each booth
  • One (1) 7″ x 44″ corporate identification mark.
  • One (1) 8’ black-draped table
  • Two (2) chairs
  • One (1) wastebasket
  • Two (2) exhibitor passes

Why should you exhibit at RTX?

  • Promote a product or service to a big, interested audience.
  • Boost your brand’s visibility
  • Introduce a novel idea or a new product or service.
  • With us, you may create a client database.
  • Connect with potential customers.
  • Reward your most loyal consumers.
  • Make connections with businesses that are similar to yours.
  • Staff training and team-building opportunities

How to apply

When you are ready, select the Exhibitor Application form or the RTX Application form from your checklist. Fill out the form and select your site preferences. Don’t forget to save and fill out the application form.

Visit our Sponsor/Exhibitor page for more info.

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