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A Very Normal Podcast Tour

Rooster Teeth presents “A Very Normal Podcast Tour” featuring the Rooster Teeth Podcast, Face Jam, Internet Today, New Rockstars and many more to be announced. These are not your grandparent’s podcasts – or maybe they are, in which case, wow. Released from quarantine, our podcast hosts are bringing more to these live shows than your typical podcast episode. Guaranteed to be very normal…#VeryNormalPodTour

Each city will host two different podcasts. No show will be alike! Each show will include one of your favorite Rooster Teeth podcasts and one from The Roost Network.

Tour Cities

Face Jam & New Rockstars

February 11, 2022
Chicago, IL

Face Jam and New Rockstars will each host a live podcast episode at Thalia Hall.

Rooster Teeth Podcast & Internet Today

April 1, 2022
Austin, TX

Rooster Teeth Podcast and Internet Today will each host a live podcast episode at Stateside Theatre.

March - November

TO be announced

More shows to be announced with two unique podcasts at each show every month March through November. Follow @roostnetwork for updates.


Because if Rooster Teeth is anything but normal, I don’t know what is! AND we wanted to take the show on the road and see your awesome faces. So, don’t expect any excitement, gimmicks, or craziness here. This is just A Very Normal Podcast Tour 😉