Unruly Rollers

The Unruly Roller crew venture into space playing the tabletop role-playing game Lasers and Feelings. The audience will have an impact on the dangers the team faces. Will they be able to stumble their way out of trouble or are our heroes doomed? Join us to affect the story!

Women of Rooster Teeth

Join a few of the amazing Women at Rooster Teeth, representing departments from Achievement Hunter Social, Animation, Funhaus, and the People Team as they take a moment to discuss what it means to be a leader at the company, the various roles they’ve held, how they’ve fostered collaboration, and creativity, and their instrumental contributions to Rooster Teeth’s and the entertainment industry’s ongoing successes and changes.


Host Jeremy Dooley pits a contestant against a panel of deceivers. It’s up to them, and you–the audience–to figure out who’s lying, who’s telling the truth, and who’s a CHUMP.

SOLD OUT – Red Web Task Force: Annual Meeting of the Minds


Task Force members, prepare your favorite mysteries, conspiracies, and ghost stories to bring to the meeting table. This year’s annual meeting will include Trevor Collins, Alfredo Diaz, and Christian Young to share and discuss new stories, and hopefully frighten Alfredo even more. This small group happy hour will be 1 hour long guaranteeing direct screen time with the cast.

SOLD OUT – Achievement Hunter Chit and Chat

Achievement Hunter wants to chit and chat with you! Grab a drink and prepare for a casual Q&A with Alfredo Diaz, Fiona Nova, Jeremy Dooley, Lindsay Jones, Matt Bragg, Michael Jones, and Trevor Collins. This small group happy hour will be 1 hour long guaranteeing direct screen time with the cast.

Achievement Hunter

Why are you even reading this description? It’s the panel where Achievement Hunter hangs out in Stage 5 while answering your questions. You know exactly what you’re getting.