Virtual Cosplay Contest

Join us as this year’s judges present both cosplay finalists and winners for Best Re-Creation, Best Original Design, Best Workmanship, Best Prop Skills, and the Overall 2021 Winner.

Representation in Animation

Our world is a vast and diverse place, so why shouldn’t the worlds we build in fiction reflect that? Join some of the talented folks from Rooster Teeth Animation as they talk about the in’s and out’s of representation both in the field of animation and in the worlds they create.

Neon Konbini

The minds behind RT Animation’s new anthology series Neon Konbini come together for the first time ever to talk about making the show. From the re-dubbed anime STAR Bursters to the show about a coffee bean finding his place in the world, the gang dives deep into the creative process and everything in between (literally, they’ll talk about making those in-between segments too).