Funhaus Plays Gartic Phone

Watch Funhaus compete in Gartic Phone, a silly drawing and guessing game. Chaos is promised. Our drawing skills might be mediocre, but our guessing skills are…. well they’re also pretty mediocre. (60 minute show)

Women of Rooster Teeth

Join a few of the amazing Women at Rooster Teeth, representing departments from Achievement Hunter Social, Animation, Funhaus, and the People Team as they take a moment to discuss what it means to be a leader at the company, the various roles they’ve held, how they’ve fostered collaboration, and creativity, and their instrumental contributions to Rooster Teeth’s and the entertainment industry’s ongoing successes and changes.

WWTW Live from RTX in Austin

Scorpio Sky and James Willems come to you LIVE at RTX in Austin Texas.  The guys will be meeting in person for the first time, and AEW’s flagship show Dynamite pays a visit to Austin as well.  Lot’s to talk about in this special one-of-a-kind episode of Wrestling With the Week!


Get ready…..for…..the…….Funhaus panel…’………ALLBEEN…….WAIT!………….-ING FOR!!!!! In this action-packed panel-ganza bonanza, there will be twists! turns! surprises! special guests! Jacob Fullerton! special segments! Q&A! audience participation! AND MORE!!!!