Kinda Funny: How the Eff Are They Still Around?

Another RTX, another reminder that Kinda Funny is still producing some of the best video game and general nerd podcasts you can get on the Internet. Sure, maybe you were a CowChop fan or some other group devotee, but you know what? We’re still here, and we’re not going anywhere, so the time has come to suck it up and become a Kinda Funny fan. Come get a crash course on why anyone likes the people on this panel. Skip it, and we’ll end another one of your favorite YouTube groups.

Podcast but Outside RTX at Home

Podcast But Outside, the show that features interviews with strangers on the street from a week or two ago presents something brand new and revolutionary: interviews with strangers happening LIVE right now!!! Thanks to the impressive technological prowess of RTX At Home, Podcast But Outside will live in the present moment for the first time ever. Don’t miss this, because it’s happening RIGHT NOW (eventually). By reading this, you’re currently missing the show. Hurry up!

Our Voice, Our Power: Women in Podcasting

A must-see (and hear!) panel featuring the savvy, intrepid, outspoken, and hilarious women who are making waves in the podcasting world. Join Elyse Willems, G4TV’s Riana Manuel, Kinda Funny’s Joey Noelle, Founder of Sense of Wonder Studios and Executive Producer Maria Fernandez, Host/Producer in Esports, Gaming & Entertainment Erin Ashley Simon, This Might Get Weird’s Mamrie Hart and Grace Helbig, and Dead Meat’s Chelsea Rebecca, as they get real about their passions, strategies, and what’s next for this ever-growing industry.