Kick off RTX at Home 2021 with FIRST Night on July 8, 5:00 PM CT with emcee’s Geoff Ramsey and Gustavo Sorola. FIRST Night  features Rooster Teeth original premieres and some of the year’s biggest news. FIRST Night is free for all viewers everywhere you watch Rooster Teeth.

Watch the first episode of the brand new Rooster Teeth original, Camp Betrayal, before its July 13th release. The show features 12 contestants competing for their lives by completing challenges for their evil host, The Babaudour.

Expect the first episode of the book-turned-animated series, RWBY: Fairy Tales. Plus, Shatter Squad and Viper are back in a new Red vs. Blue spinoff series of machinimated shorts! Come check out a sneak peek of their next adventure!

Followed by some awesome special announcements you can only catch at FIRST Night!

Camp Betrayal

Join the cast and crew behind Camp Betrayal to see early access content, hear secrets from the show’s development and shoot, and find out who gets eliminated in EVERY episode. Camp Betrayal is Rooster Teeth’s newest competition show that forces 9 people to fight for their lives by completing challenges for their evil host The Babaudour. Each episode, contestants are randomly chosen to lie, backstab, and sabotage the group’s chance at success, but can they keep their role a secret? Camp Betrayal premieres July 13 on Rooster Teeth!

Watch the trailer now!