Evening Events

Evening Events are here! Tickets for all RTX Badge Holders are on sale now! Ultra and Platinum Badge Holders keep an eye on your email for an exclusive discount code!

FIRST Night | June 30 | 5PM CT

Join us for our annual celebration of FIRST! We’ll have new trailers, world premiers, special guests, and more. Seating is first come, first served (get it). You don’t have to be a FIRST member to see all the exciting things coming to FIRST this year, but it doesn’t hurt!

Comedy Night | July 1 | 8PM CT

Comedy Night is back and better than ever! Featuring stand-up comedy from some of your favorite talents at Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, and Squad Team Force, this is one comedy showcase you won’t wanna miss. Come laugh until your sides hurt.

Theater Mode Live | July 1 | 9PM CT

Revel in the comedic stylings of Achievement Hunter as they joke and celebrate the pinnacle of cinema. In this episode, the gang watches another groundbreaking film and use humor to try and mask the joy and reverence they feel for it.

RTX Rave | July 2 | 9PM CT

It wouldn’t be RTX without our annual late night dance party; get ready to move your feet into Sunday morning at this year’s Rave. We’re glad to have DJ JONK headlining for another year.

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